October 3, 2014

Oh look a new layout -- should be easier for you guys to use and faster for me to update. If you have problems with it, please email.

ENORMOUS UPDATE -- still sorting through some Piggi, Sunair, GSC, XMSims, and SimsFashionBarn files (thousands to sort through), but everything else I've ever been sent has been uploaded.

P.S. Yes I know the links aren't pretty, but I'm limited by the server and can't use the rewrite function to make them look nicer. I spent days trying to work on that and finally realized it's just not gonna happen.

Files Added to Sites' Folders: 
FairyWitchSims, AliceFashion, Freaky Kiss, Besen, Eyecandy (Tuulia), FrannieSims, Helaene, Maxisdreams (maxistraum), Nengi65, Piggi Sims, PoisonPinkLemons, SironaSims (corvi), estudio (ephemera/galaxy)

Sites Added to the Graveyard:
Avenida Sims, Hairfish (merco), Joedy-76, SharonSims2, Stylist Sims, GrapholinaSims2, Briher, Adjiumi, Choti Designs, Beta Sims, 37 Sims, Enchanted Forest, Charmed Sims, Nanashi, ShopSims, Matilda, Paisley Avenue (old site), Thyme2Sim (VaDix), XMSims, PrettyBabySims

New to the Missing List:
AcRaZyThInG, Amethyst's Flying Circus, AMJoie Virtual Life, assimilatedsims, Base Sims 2, Better Living Through Sims, Bling Bling Sims, cheekysims, cinnasims, Coventry Corners, Crickett's Recolors, Daydreams Forum, Dee's Decor 4 Sims, Delightful Sims, Designs by Lutzy, DJS Sims, Dollfiesims, Esims, Fashion Twist, Josh's Sims, LSRE Jillyann, Lucky Sims2, Mellifera Models, Milanosims2, Misomosono, ModAlexa, Pegas Sims, Saullysims, Savvy Sims, Shne Sims 2, Simperfection, Simplexe, Sims2Hut, Sims4Life, Simscybers Design, Simskitchen, Sims Sister Fashion 2, TG Sims, The Annex, Tish Sims, Totally Simlish, Yarafashion

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