December 2015

  • Made some little changes to the back-end of the site to try to make things load faster for you guys.

  • Added a feature, but unsure if keeping it -- check out Zombie Sites > Milano Sims > Swim (or Eyes) to see an example of Thumbnails feature and let me know in the guestbook or on Twitter if you like it.

  • There may be some duplicate files posted, please report the folder the duplicate files are in so I can remove them (use gb, email, or twitter).

  • Link to Sims Stories on mainpage has been fixed.

  • Paisley Avenue NKK Apartments file has been fixed.

  • Daniela's Closet (Yahoo Group) wasn't dead, so removed from Missing List.

  • EA Castle Set has been fixed and is now in smaller rar files.

  • ENORMOUS UPDATE -- still sorting through some files (thousands to sort through) so another update coming soon (sooner than this one took, I swear)


Files Added to Sites' Folders:
XMSims (moved to zombie), SimderZ, MyMashup, CocoSims, Melissa Sims, Artistic Habitats, Ikkerina's Pages, Briher, Ella Sims, Rensim, Maxistraum (maxisdreams), Piggi Sims, nengi65, 2foru (chriko), Pronup Sims, Shannara, Tarox4Sims2

Sites Added to the Graveyard:
MilanoSims2 (zombie), JustSims2, Purgatory Sims, Fashion Twist, Donna Moda, RoyalSim,, Simmum Bonum, Bella's Closet, Black Pearl Sims, Chinadan Sims, GothiK n Casual, Lyran, Selzi

New to the Missing List:
ariecha sims, lord shini, cool stories, yasmin sims, simcreations, joc04 designs, lurania, juici couture, limelight, stylish sims,, (czech), sims tr,, sims2-studio, sims shine, vale sims, gem sims, sims pleasure, bg sims2, simbuktu, sims extremos, mania sim, metro sims, sims vn,, simmingmonthly, simplist sims, sims2source, sims2carsource, sim fantastic 2, simply simsational, sims4ubyme, three rock films

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