March 2016

  • Many of the files now have thumbnails available to make it faster/easier for you to see what you're downloading. This is not available for every file, even though pics may be available for the files (above/below them in the file list), I decided to only do thumbnails for categories with less than 20 files to save myself time as the graveyard has over 57,000 files!

  • The new thumbnails open in the same window, so either right-click and choose "open in new tab", or hit the back button after you view the full-screen pic. I'll look into seeing if I can fix this later.

  • The downloads area has been restructured. This may effect links you've posted on the web. It is now separated into categories based on first letter of the name. This will make it faster to browse the area.

  • Let me know through email/guestbook if you find any empty categories or broken files. I double-checked but I may have missed something.

  • Salix Sims, Joedy76, and Oldbox have new links, I posted them on the mainpage.

  • There are still files to add, but the main focus was getting the site reopened. Will update again soon when "real life" allows.


Files Added to Sites' Folders: 
BoboSims, biene, simply elau

Sites Added to the Graveyard:
twentyfourfirst, salixsims, chinafansims, tifasims (her site is up but no sims2 dl's remain), sunair sims, junki (aungsumarlin)

New to the Missing List:
Bog Sims Institute, Before Sunset Sims, The Simmers Club, Sims Royale, The Sims Republic, Sir4Sims, Candela Sims, Similisims, Seriously Amused Sims, Sims2Love, Sims by Sarhra, Fashionista Sims, AA Planet, Simplicity, More 4 Sims2, Atracao, Sims2Beauty, Haksen Hausen, Sims2Die Gerwerts, Miracle City, Moorena's Simseckchen, Alle Meine Sims2, Apple Fashion, Miriel Sims, La Jeunesse, Sims2 Inlimite, RoseSims2, Twinlifevn, Dalcom Place, Blackmoral (Lord Shini), WoohooSims, SimSafe2, The Ninth Wave Sims (ts2 only), Sims2Center, Racheloni, The Rock Shoppe, Sim Wolf, Mel's Sim Boutique, Jena's Simtastic Creations, Choco Sims2, Sims Paradise,  Blonde Sims, Mel and Her Gang, Pam's Themes, Pipsi's Sims Fashion, UserSim, Specialist Sims, Mes Maisons, Black's DresSims2 Lab, Simmomento, RSSS, Primrose Gardens, Sims Couture, RitsukaCom, CitySims2, Promiscuous Angel, Simply Sims (phoenix9999), CheesySims, Pam Sims2, Simaholics Anonymous, Nancy Place, Sims World Tour, Udderly Simmlish, Social Simmers Site, Simmerella, The Simmers Club Forum, Interactive Sim Soap, SimFusion, Sims2Supernova, Sims2 Like It Hot, Simpatico Sims, Stylish for Little Girls, Waki Sims, DebbySims2, Meine Sims2 Welt, Satan's Sims2, PG Sims2, Jadegartens, XuanSims, Sims2Fans, Sims2 for SimsCorner, Wildalpiin, Sims2 Mixed Up, Get Gorgeous, Sims Mad, H2O Sims, Alexxia's Sims Hauser

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